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Plan of Study for
BA in Art Management

Program Requirements

Students majoring in Art Management in the Department of Art are required to:

Program Notes

The Art Management Program of Study is flexible as long as the prerequisites are followed. The chart is designed to plot a program that will enable students to complete the degree requirements in eight semesters and one two term summer session.

Students are advised to take the Foundations/Fundamentals classes as well as the Survey of Art History classes early in their programs. It is suggested that students take a schedule with one business class per semester, one art history class per semester and one studio class per semester.

Summer Courses

ART 4900 Internship, the program’s capstone course, should be completed during Summer Sessions I &l II after either the junior or senior year.


A Minor is not required. Students may fulfill a general business minor by taking the required classes: ACC 1050, ECO 2030, FIN 3010 or FIN 3680, MGT 3010, MKT 3050, plus adding CIS 2050.

Plan of Study

This chart plots a program that enables students to complete their degree requirements in eight semesters. Individual plans of study may vary. Courses listed in color are Art Management courses.

Visit the Programs of Study website to download a checksheet for this degree.
First Year
Fall Spring

ART 1001 Foundations I or ART 1020 Core Studio I (3)

ART 2030 Art from Prehistory to 1400 — also counts toward Gen Ed (3)

ART 1002 Foundations II or ART 1021 Core Studio II (3)

ART 2130 Art from 1400 to the Present — also counts toward Gen Ed (3)

Second Year
Fall Spring

ACC 1050 Survey of Accounting (3)

ART 1001 Foundations Drawing (if taking Foundations I & II) (3)

IDS 2450 Introduction to Not for Profit (3)

ART 2104 Digital Imaging (3)

ECO 2030 Principles of Economics: Price Theory — also counts toward Gen Ed (3)

Art History Elective* (3)

Third Year
Fall Spring

ART 3112 Art Exhibitions in Contemporary Culture (3)

COM 2101 Public Speaking (3)

FIN 3010 Survey of Finance or FIN 3680 Introduction to Finance (3)

Art History Elective* (3)

ART 3013 Introduction to NY Art Scene (1)

MKT 3050 Principles of Marketing (3)

2000 level studio art class or ART 1102 Introduction to Graphic Design (3)

Art History Elective (3)

Fourth Year
Fall Spring

HIS 4610 Management of Museums or HIS 4640 Interpretation in Museums (3)

MGT 3010 Survey of Management (3)

2000 level studio art class or ART 1102 Introduction to Graphic Design (3)

ART 4012 Exhibitions Practicum (3)

ART 4030 Seminar in Art Criticism and Theory (3)

MGT 3060 Understanding Entrepreneurship or MGT 3170 Fostering and Managing Creativity (3)

Summer Sessions I & II

ART 4900 Internship (CAP) (10)

Art History

Many 3000 and 4000 level Art History Classes require prerequisites of either ART 2030 or ART 2130 or permission of the instructor.

One art history class must be focused on Non-Western art.

*Students can choose among the following 3 credit classes for Art History: ART 2230, ART 3400, ART 3600, ART 3610, ART 3630, ART 3650, ART 3700, ART 3705, ART 3710, ART 3730, ART 3750, ART 3760, ART 3800, ART 3810M ART 3820, ART 4040, ART 3530-3549

Art History classes with a Junior Writing in the Discipline (WID) designator are: ART 3400, ART 3600, ART 3630, ART 3650, ART 3700, ART 3705, ART 3710, ART 3730, ART 3750, ART 3800, ART 3810 ART 3820, ART 4040