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Plan of Study for
BFA in Graphic Design

Program Requirements

Students majoring in Graphic Design in the Department of Art are required to:

Program Notes

The Graphic Design program of study is structured. Students should take the Foundation classes their first year.

The Graphic Design program is comprised of:

Portfolio Reviews

Graphic Design students must pass two portoflio reviews to be admitted to the program. The first is the Art Department’s Portfolio Review and students are advised to apply within the first year. The second portfolio review, Graphic Design Candidacy Portfolio Review, is held at the end of each semester. To apply, students must have completed or be enrolled in the following courses:

Required Courses in Graphic Design

Elective Courses

Students should take nine hours (three courses) from the list below. Several elective courses are offered each semester. The schedule of offering for each course varies. Students interested in taking a specific course are encouraged to contact one of the graphic design faculty.

Summer Courses

Graphic Design's required courses are usually not offered in the summer. Graphic Design electives are occasionally offered. Students can satisfy some of their studio art and art history requirements over the summer and/or undertake an internship.


Group advising sessions are held each semester prior to registration. Students are encouraged to seek individual advising from their advisor at any time.

It will take a minimum of five semesters to complete all of the required courses in Graphic Design. In planning their course of study, students should be mindful of the fact that the required Graphic Design courses have specific Graphic Design and Studio Art prerequisites.

Students can take ART 1102 Introduction to Graphic Design and ART 2102 Typography I at the same time.

The prerequisites for ART 4102 Typography III include:

The prerequisites for ART 3202 Interaction Design I are the same as the ones for ART 4102 Typography III with the addition of ART 2104 Digital Imaging.

ART 3202 Interaction Design I and ART 4102 Typography III can be taken at the same time.

ART 4192 Graphic Design Senior Seminar is required before taking ART 4202 Graphic Design Senior Studio.

Students are encouraged to contact any of the Graphic Design faculty with specific questions about the major. More information about each course is available in the Undergraduate Academic Bulletin.

Plan of Study

This chart plots a program that enables students to complete their degree requirements in eight semesters. Individual plans of study may vary. Courses listed in color are Graphic Design courses.

Visit the Programs of Study website to download a checksheet for this degree.
First Year
Fall Spring

ART 1001 Foundations I (3)

ART 1003 Foundations Drawing (3)

UCO 1200 First Year Seminar—Gen Ed (3)

ENG 1000 Writing Across the Curriculum—Gen Ed (3)

Perspective 1—Gen Ed (3)


ART 1002 Foundations II (3)

ART 2030 Art from Prehistory to 1400—also counts toward Gen Ed Perspective 3 (3)

Quantitative Literacy—Gen Ed (4)

Perspective 1—Gen Ed (3)

Second Year
Fall Spring

ART 2102 Typography I (3)

ART 2130 Art from 1400 to the Present—also counts toward Gen Ed Perspective 2 (3)

ENG 2001 Writing Across the Curriculum—Gen Ed (3)

Perspective 2—Gen Ed (3)

Perspective 2—Gen Ed (3)

Wellness Literacy—Gen Ed (1)

ART 3102 Typography II (3)

ART 2103 Drawing II (3)

ART 2106 Photographic Design I (3)

Studio Art Elective (3)

Science Inquiry Perspective—Gen Ed (4)

Third Year
Fall Spring

ART 3302 Idea Lab (3)

ART 2230 History of Graphic Design (3)

ART 2104 Digital Imaging (3)

Printmaking (3)

Science Inquiry Perspective—Gen Ed (4)

ART 3202 Interaction Design I (3)

ART 4102 Typography III (3)

Graphic Design Elective (3)

ART 3050 Digital Photographic Design

Perspective 3—Gen Ed (3)

Fourth Year
Fall Spring

ART 4192 Graphic Design Senior Seminar (3)

Graphic Design Elective (3)

Studio Art Elective (3)

Professional Development (3)

Free Elective (*2SH outside discipline required) (3)

ART 4202 Graphic Design Senior Studio (3)

Graphic Design Elective (3)

Art History Elective (3)

Professional Development (3)

Wellness Literacy—Gen Ed (1)