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Academic Plans of Study

The Department of Art offers seven degree programs and two minors.

Degree Programs

Declaring the Major

All Students wishing to declare Art as their major must meet all of the following criteria:

The following programs require the Portfolio Review: B.A. in Studio Art, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Art, B.F.A. in Studio Art, B.F.A. in Graphic Design and the B.F.A. in Art Education.

More information can be found at the University College Academic Advising Center’s website.

Portfolio Review

The Department of Art seeks to enroll the most capable and motivated young artists and designers in its degree programs. Admission is limited and highly competitive. The portfolio indicates the student's preparedness for entry into the department’s rigorous and demanding studio-based curricula. It shows the applicant’s aptitude for visual expression and demonstrates technical skills that have been acquired in the art and design.

Portfolios are reviewed three times each year – on the last days of October, March and July. Artwork in any media may be included in the portfolio. Details for portfolio submission are available on this site’s Portfolio Review page.

BFA in Graphic Design

Students who wish to major in Graphic Design must submit their work to the Graphic Design Candidacy Portfolio Review in order to gain entrance into the BFA Graphic Design program. This second review usually occurs during a student’s third semester at Appalachian (possibly earlier for transfer students), after the Department of Art’s Portfolio Review and completion of:

Students seeking the BFA degree in Graphic Design must pass the Candidacy Portfolio Review before taking any 3000 level studio course. Students who do not pass this review may use their earned art credits as electives or as requirements towards another degree in art or towards a minor in art. Students may also repeat courses and/or continue to take 2000 level studio courses and then re-submit their work one time only to the Candidacy Portfolio Review.

The Candidacy Portfolio Review takes place on Reading Day at the end of the fall and spring semesters.

Laptop Requirement

Students who pass the Candidacy Portfolio Review are required to have a laptop computer and software that meets minimum graphic design program specifications. The Art Department will make a certain number of “loaner” computers available to students who demonstrate extreme financial need.

Upper Level Courses

All intermediate and advanced Studio Art, Art Education, and Graphic Design classes are reserved for declared majors only.

All Art History classes are open to any major.


Major Requirements

Advising is required of all majors before each registration period. Departmental academic advisors are assigned after a student has officially declared their major.

General Education

Students are assigned a general college advisor until they officially declare their major. Once they have reach 30 credit hours and have declared their major they will be assigned an Art faculty for their remaining hours.

Minimum Grade Requirements

The Department of Art requires a C or above in all classes counting towards major or minor except Art Education which requires 2.5 GPA in Art and Education classes.

Teacher Licensure

YES, via Minor in Art Education with BA in Art or BFA in Art only.

Night Classes

Night classes are offered, but NO major or minor can be completed at night.

Weekend Classes

Classes are not offered on weekends.


BFA in Art students will need 6-8 semesters of sequential courses dependent on intended concentration and must follow specific 4-year calendars. Honors classes and internships available.

Program Requirements

The two BAs in Art and the BA in Art History have relatively flexible curriculums.

The BFA in Studio Art and BFA in Graphic Design have structured curriculums.

Studio Art students should complete the three foundation studios their freshman year. The sequencing of classes in most BFA concentrations requires up to 6 semesters. Students missing any of the sequential courses may delay their graduation.

All students interested in a BFA degree should follow four year calendars on website. All teacher licensure candidates must see Art Education Coordinator as soon as possible.