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Special Topics Courses

Spring 2017

ART 2016 Intro to Contemporary Issues in Art and Design:
Cell Phone Art

Monday/Wednesday from 12:00–2:50 pm
Instructor: Joshua White

ART 2016 Intro to Contemporary Issues in Art and Design
and IND 2116: Design Make Ceramics

This pilot course will integrate new digital technologies and ceramic process in a collaborative environment. Students will learn studio processes which allow them to cleanly execute their designs in clay. The class will use the CNC router to create jigs, forms and molds for clay working. Demonstrations will include basic wood and plaster techniques as well as current 3D ceramic printing technology.

Tuesday/Thursday from 3:00–5:50 pm
Instructor: Bailey Arend

ART 2016 Intro to Contemporary Issues in Art and Design:
Fabricating Fictions

Students will utilize digital tools, wearable sculpture, and zine-making to visualize and inhabit their own alternate reality.

Monday/Wednesday from 6:00–8:50 pm
Instructor: TBA

ART 3530 Photography as Social Critique

Tuesday/Thursday from 2:00–3:15 pm
Instructor: Ann Kaplan

ART 3530 Art Making as Inquiry

This special topics course will introduce students to the media and techniques of arts-based processes for the field of art and expressive arts therapy. Students will engage in critical thought and reflection about the tools by which they make their meaning and articulate the use of media in personal as well as therapeutic or educational settings. This class has 10 seats for undergraduate art students interested in the fields of expressive arts or art therapy, and 10 seats for graduate or doctoral students in the expressive arts certificate program.

Thursday from 5:00–8:40 pm
Instructor: TBA

ART 3532 Global Textiles (WID)

Offered as an art history WID course, it will function more as a seminar than traditional lecture course and examine contemporary global textile production through a number of different lenses, including issues of labor, the fast fashion industry, techno-textiles, traditional practices, craftivism and the DIY movement.

Monday/Wednesday from 9:30–10:45 am
Instructor: Jeana Klein

ART 3533 Video and Installation

Tuesday/Thursday from 6:00–8:50 pm
Instructor: Travis Donovan

ART 4040 Art History Seminar: Prehistoric Art

Tuesday/Thursday from 3:30–4:45 pm
Instructor: Sara Rich

ART 4515 The Intersection of Art and Social Justice (Jr/Sr Honors Seminar)

This seminar surveys the work of artists, authors, scholars, policy makers, designers, curators and others whose work advances social justice. Using key projects from communities across the globe as a road map, we will examine how social justice is represented, defined, and practiced through a variety of disciplines in the arts. We will question, shape, and refine our understanding of social justice and community engagement while investigating the ethics, politics, motivations and intentions of those involved in select projects. This will be a discussion-based seminar course with students completing readings, research, presentations, projects and written texts. Three hours.

Thursday from 9:00–11:30 am
Instructor: Jody Servon