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Eric Cox
BFA Graphic Design , 2008

"Jobs are difficult to get," according to Eric Cox, "and they aren't given because you have a degree.

Eric, a 2008 graduate, found the professional design world to be "much, much faster then in school." A month out of school, and without much prior experience, Eric landed a job at Kelly MarCom in Sanford, NC where he is now a senior designer.

Eric credits design opportunities he found outside the classroom while a student with giving him "a leg up over similar candidates from other schools." Designing for Art Expo and the BFA Senior Studio Exhibition gave Eric the chance to apply what he had been learning in the classroom.

"We were taught the importance of thinking about the design problem and not just the aesthetic. In the professional world, this is what separates the creative team from the production team."

"Design is just as much about thinking, writing and speaking as it is the visual. The faculty at Appalachian place an emphasis on these attributes, which is a great advantage in preparing students for their careers. The graphic design program provides you with a set of tools, but you have to build the house."

Eric's passion for design and his work ethic have given him a great start on his career. Kelly MarCom recently won a 2011 Triangle Gold Addy award for a collaborative project that Eric worked on. Last year, he also won a contest to design the official poster for the inaugural Moogfest music festival in Asheville.

September 2011

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