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Lauren Goding
BFA Graphic Design and BFA in Studio Art, 2010

Lauren graduated in 2010 with two art degrees, a BFA in Graphic Design and BFA in Studio Art (with concentrations in Printmaking and Photography). Appalachian was her second choice school, but the variety of classes offered by the art department was a big plus to her. It allowed her to double major and, being from North Carolina, "the low in-state tuition was also a pretty big draw!" she exclaims.

She worked hard once she got here. She says she took too many studio classes each semester, but she did that by choice. "That's how I thrive," she says. At Appalachian, she learned to trust her design and art instincts. "I've learned the importance of working hard and the strength gained through concept and craftsmanship. I've picked up a wide variety of skills during my time at Appalachian and am not hesitant to use them in unexpected ways. Her experience here exposed her to a wide variety of processes. She offers this advice to incoming students.

"Take a wide variety of classes. You may think that you're set in concentrating in one area, but taking some more unique studio classes may open you up to a whole new medium that you'll fall in love with. And if you don't get much out of a class, I guarantee that at least some of the skills you learn will be transferable to your medium of choice.
Take every class as a learning experience and try to make art that you are passionate about, not just simply to fill project requirements. Talking with people from other universities, especially after graduating, makes me really appreciate the variety that Appalachian has to offer."

Perhaps the most rewarding experience for Lauren during her time as a student was attending a residency program in Beijing, China. "I met the couple running this residency program during my sophomore year. They were visiting professors for one of my classes that semester and I kept in contact with them. That summer, they invited me to attend their residency program in China. I stayed there for a month and had the time of my life. Little did I know, they would be my first employers after graduation and now they are dear friends."

After graduation, Lauren moved to Beijing for three months to work as the graphic designer and international affairs coordinator for the Beijing Studio Center. "I was able to learn the ins and outs of running a residency program. I became close with all the neighbors and was able to truly live in another culture and began to learn Chinese. Having this wonderful experience has made me a stronger person in knowing that I am able to live and thrive in another culture."

Lauren is back in the U.S. and will soon be moving to Portland, Oregon. She wants to "become part of a printmaking studio where I can continue to make both art and hand printed design products. I have long been interested in creating objects and products that people can use in their everyday lives, and look forward to pursuing this while working a job in the creative art or design world. Beyond that, time will only tell. It's time to bring on the unexpected!"

August 2011

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