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Kimberly Anderson
BFA Studio Art with concentration in Printmaking and minor in Painting, 2005

Kimberly Anderson is an avid outdoor lover and that is one of the reasons why she chose to come to Appalachian. She graduated in 2005 and now lives in Colorado.

The splendor of her natural setting are a source of inspiration for her artwork which she describes as an expression of the beauty of our natural environment with a focus on its human impacted problems.

“My current work evolves around an in-depth study of environmental issues, from global climate change affecting Colorado glacial retreat to deforestation. The artwork is a response to the research; some works simply use the issue as a starting point while other work clearly displays the concern. I am trying to bring beauty, mystery, curiosity, and conservation of the land back into our daily focus through the image-making process. The artwork is my way of internalizing the natural world and expressing my concern for it.”

Originally from King, NC, the urge to go west may have been sparked by a trip to the American Southwest while Kimberly was a student here. Faculty members Scott Ludwig and Christopher Curtin took students all over the Southwest in a van. Starting at Appalachian, they traveled to New Orleans, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado. “All along the way,” she recalls, “we embraced art and nature everyday while experiencing different cultures. We experienced historical and contemporary art in galleries and museums in big cities such as New Orleans and small towns like Taos, NM. We backpacked through canyons to see Anasazi art, visited a reservation to see Native American Art, and saw contemporary art at Donald Judd’s Chinati Foundation and environmental art at Walter de Maria’s 'Lighting Field.’” Kimberly says the trip was “one of the most inspiring trips” of her life.

Ludwig and Curtin’s ability “think outside the box for this experience” and Ludwig’s dedication as an artist and instructor has helped her follow in his footsteps as a dedicated art instructor myself. Kimberly has been an art instructor at Colorado State University (where she earned an MFA in 2009), Front Range Community College and currently at the Fort Collins Museum of Art at Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado.

She says it was “not easy to find a good paying job in the art world with a fine arts degree.” She tells her students they had “better be willing to work hard at it and love rejection!!!” Despite these challenges she plans to “continue on with what I do and love and to share that passion with my students.”

She recently finished writing and designing a collaborative children’s book, which was published this summer through the North Carolina Museum of Art.

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