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General Education


ART 2030 and ART 2130 taken for the major may count toward General Education

Professional Education


A minimum grade of "C" (2.0) is required in each course.

To be admitted to teacher education, students must take and satisfy testing requirements for all areas of Praxis I (Reading, Writing & Mathematics); SAT or ACT scores may be used in lieu of Praxis I. The Praxis II Area Exams are required prior for student teaching.

For more detailed information please go to the Reich College of Education website,
CI 2300Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age Required prior to admission to teacher education. 2
FDN 2400Critical Perspectives on Teacher and Learner Required prior to admission to teacher education. Prerequisite or Corequisite CI 23002
PSY 3010Psychology Applied to Teaching May be taken prior to admission to teacher education. Prerequisite or Corequisite: CI 23003
SPE 3300Creating Inclusive Learning Communities Admission to teacher education required. Prerequisites: CI 2300, FND 2400, PSY 30103
CI 3400Policies and Practices in Educational Assessment Admission to teacher education required. Prerequisites: CI 2300, FND 2400, PSY 30102
CI 4900Student Teaching 12



ART 1001Foundations I3
ART 1002Foundations II3
ART 1003Foundations Drawing3

Art History


ART 2030Art from Pre-history to 14003
ART 2130Art from 1400 to the Present3
Art History Electives
Chosen in colsultation with Art Education advisor
ART 2230History of Graphic Design3
ART 3400Women Artists (WID)3
ART 3600History of Modern Art (WID)3
ART 3610Asian Art3
ART 3630African Art (WID)3
ART 3650Art of Late Antiquity (WID)3
ART 3700Oceanic Art (WID)3
ART 3705Contemporary Art of Africa (WID)3
ART 3710Egyptian Art Art (WID)3
ART 3730Native Arts of the Americas (WID)3
ART 3750History of Roman Art (WID)3
ART 3760History of American Craft3
ART 3800Art Since 1945 (WID)3
ART 3810Photography and Culture (WID)3
ART 3820History of Museums and Collecting (WID)3
ART 3530-3549Selected Topics in Art History3

Art Education


Art 2222Introduction to Art Education3
Art 2420 The Child as Cultural Construct (WID)3
Art 2444Materials and Processes in Art Education3
Art 3969Art Education and the Exceptional Learner3

Art Electives


To be chosen in consultation with Art Education advisor. Cannot be used elsewhere in the major. Art Fundamentals cannot be used as an Art Elective. 6 sh of relevant courses may be taken outside of ART with approval from an Art Education advisor.
Art Elective3
Art Elective3
Art Elective3
Art Elective3

Free Electives

3 sh

Total Major Hours128
Major requirements that may count toward GenEd (Art 2030 and Art 2130)-6

Net Total Major Hours


A cumulative GPA of 2.50 is required for graduation & teacher licensure
Programs of Study

For a more detailed look at degree requirements (with prerequisites) follow these links to the Programs of Study website: