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Brooke Hofsess

Brooke Hofsess

Associate Professor

Program Coordinator

Art Education

Wey 221


Brooke Anne Hofsess is an art educator and qualitative methodologist immersed in aesthetic and poetic approaches to inquiry contemplating teacher education and renewal. These approaches are informed by her creative practices of papermaking, book arts, letterpress printing, and writing. Currently an Assistant Professor of Art Education at Appalachian State University, she comes to academia with seven years of professional experience in K-12 and community arts education, and holds a MA in Art & Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and a PhD in Art Education from The University of Georgia.

Her research has received honors including the Elliot Eisner Doctoral Research Award in Art Education from the National Art Education Association, and the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the Arts Based Educational Research special interest group of the American Educational Research Association. Her work has been published widely in academic journals (International Journal of Education and the Arts, Visual Arts Research, Critical Studies <=> Cultural Methodologies, Qualitative Inquiry), and she is the author of Unfolding Afterglow: Letters and Conversations on Teacher Renewal (Sense Publishers).