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A university helps prepare you for the real world by offering classes in subjects that relate directly and indirectly to a field of study or practice. By taking these classes, you gain knowledge and skills that will serve you well after graduation. Ideally, what you learn in college will become such an integral part of you that years later, you will not be able to fully explain how you know what you know.

What about the near term? What will you know when you graduate? What will be such an integral part of you that, on the day you walk across a stage dressed in cap and gown, you will be at a loss for words when asked to explain how you know what you know?

Depth of experience is often the attribute that separates one job applicant from another. An internship can help boost your qualifications by giving you the experience many employers are looking for.

Appalachian State University and the Department of Art know the value of an internship and its ability to bride the gap between what you learn on campus and what the working world expects of you.

The Department of Art’s five degree programs all recognize the significance of real world experience. Art Education and Art Management students are required to have real-world experience in their fields to graduate.

Art History, Graphic Design and Studio Art all believe in the value of an internship and have the means to tailor one specifically to a student’s interests with two internship course offerings, Art 3900 and Art 4900. With each course, students will be gain supervised placement in a setting which provides an opportunity for them to observe and practice a variety of art and design related skills.

Students who are interested in pursuing an internship should review the required internship contract and this notice from the Registrar.