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BA Studio Art

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The Painting area within the Studio Art program at Appalachian State is designed to instill strong formal, technical, verbal and conceptual learning outcomes. Students work in variety of painting methods using acrylics, oils, watercolor, hybrid and non-conventional media. Emphasis is placed on both traditional approaches to painting, and awareness of new developments in genre of painting vital to further discovery of the medium.

Beginning level classes, stress refinement of observational and painting skills through the use of still life, human figure and space. As students advance, they are encouraged to acquire new skills in critical theory and reasoning – essential to develop a personal visual language and the intellectual growth required to join in contemporary artistic discourse.

A committed faculty with diverse range of expertise and interest bring contextual, historical and contemporary perspectives to the curriculum. Individual and group critiques create an environment conducive to students' growth as professional artists. Active participation by faculty and students create a supportive and challenging creative community that forms the basis for a lifetime of creative work and success in the art world.