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BA Studio Art

BA Studio Art

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Studio Art

The BA in Art and Visual Culture with a concentration in studio art integrates studio art practice with a broad based, well-rounded liberal arts education. This concentration is designed for students who want a variety of studio art experiences but whose interests also encompass academic disciplines outside the visual arts. Although the concentration in Studio Art requires fewer studio courses than the BFA Studio Art degree, students pursuing the BA concentration are free to choose whatever configuration of studio courses suits their needs.

After completing the beginning foundation design and drawing requirements, students can take courses in any of the following studio areas: Clay, Fibers, Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, or Sculpture. Art History is an integral part of this concentration, as students must take the two-semester survey of art history as well as more specialized courses focusing on selected periods, cultures and/or media. BA in Studio Art students are required to have a 16 to 18 semester hour minor in a discipline outside of the visual arts. In addition, BA in Studio Art students must take 6 to 12 hours of a foreign language.