Ligatures are fine with us

Clif Meador


GAIT, Graphic Design

Wey 233


Ed MIdgett

Ed Midgett


Graphic Design

Wey 222


Mark Nystrom

Mark Nystrom

Associate Professor, Program Coordinator

Graphic Design

Wey 213A


Tricia Treacy

Tricia Treacy

Associate Professor

Graphic Design

Wey 213B


Ceramic Letter S by Taekyeom Lee

Taekyeom Lee is exploring typography and material

Detail of 3D print generated with software and wind data

Mark Nystrom is exploring ways of visualizing wind data

Detail of work by Tricia Treacy

Tricia Treacy explores collaborative practices and experimental bookmaking

Of my favorite faculty, I never felt patronized. They took us seriously and expected good work from us. If we didn't deliver, they let us know, and demanded the better work they knew we were capable of. They pushed us without being malicious, and earned our respect, on top of already being warm individuals once we got to know them.

Matt Donnelly, Graphic Design student

Professors play What the Font?, a typography-based guessing game

What the Font?

Professors Clif Meador and Maurice Meilleur test their typographic knowledge in a game of "What the Font?," created by students Magnolia Hopkins and Savannah Selby in Typography III. Players in the game, modeled after "Guess Who?," try to guess the chosen typeface of their opponent in a series of yes or no questions.