We are the Department of Art

To us, art and design are many things. They are the voice that speaks louder than words. They are the muses, the calls of the siren and the task masters. They bring us together and push us deep inside ourselves to chase the elusive. They challenge us, drive us, and make us achieve the impossible. They are our life.

We are makers, producers, scholars and teachers. Our students and faculty are engaged in a spectrum of activity where ideas are raw materials. Shaped by our minds, hands and tools these ideas are sent forth into the world to inform and inspire.

Now that we’ve told you who we are,

Who are you?

Are you a freshman?

Or a transfer?

What do you like to do?

What would you like to be?

Mixed Media by Sarah Delli Colli

Mixed Media by Sarah Delli Colli

Studio Art

Fashion Photo by Jenna Markiewicz

Commercial Photography

Chromatic Modular Type Design by X and Y

Graphic Design

I had very positive experiences my freshman year, but it took me until the middle of my sophomore year to really find my niche. Once you get into your major classes, people who may have only been acquaintances become lifelong friends.

Shelby Kremer, Art Education major

Student drawing on Recess exhibition wall

Looking ahead

Years after you start, you’ll come to the end. You’ll use the skills and talents you have developed and put them to the test. Depending on your major, you may be exhibiting work for others to experience or you may be engaged in professional practice teaching in a classroom, working for a gallery or a printing company. Graphic Design majors Kameron Neal and Aaron Fairbanks knew they had a lifetime of work ahead of them, but before everyone left Boone and went their separate ways, they created an experience for others to have some fun. Recess started as a white wall with a couple of drawings and an invitation to draw and play. A week later, the walls looked like this.