Transfer Admissions

Reap the rewards of studying at 3,300 feet above sea level

The Art Department will make every effort to accept transfer credit from North Carolina Community Colleges and other accredited four-year institutions.

Visit the Office of Transfer Services to determine which courses taken at another institution will transfer to our program. 

Courses that do not automatically transfer as specific Art Department courses will be designated “art elective”. These are counted as pre-major courses and will not count towards any Art degree requirements at Appalachian State University. 

Department of Art Contacts

  • General questions about Transfer & Portfolio Review applications should be directed to the Art Department office at 828.262.2220.
  • Questions regarding transfer students should be directed to either Brooke Hofsess at and 828.262.7271, or Jeana Klein at and 828.262.2891.
  • Questions regarding Portfolio Review should be directed to Gary Nemcosky by e-mail at or phone, 828.262.2570.

Please Note

All prospective art majors should attend an Art Department orientation meeting or Open House for freshmen and transfer students prior to their first semester at Appalachian State University. These meetings are held in Herbert Wey Hall.

Artwork in hallways of Wey hall

Inspiration is everywhere

No matter where you go in the department, you'll see work on display in the halls, studios and classrooms. The creative energy expressed here feeds on itself, pushing everyone to explore new ideas and new ways of making. 

Once you find the medium that you are passionate about and start spending time in the studio, you form a connection with that space and it begins to feel like a second home.

A real life Art Education student

Detail of paintings in studio

Details of artwork outside painting studio

Student editing sound on computer

Editing sound in motion graphics class

Printmaking inks

Inks in printmaking studio

Prints hanging outside Wey during Print Dialogue Days

Art at Appalachian

Our students take full advantage of being at a university with so much to offer (and they have so much to offer it). From programs in galleries to community events like this one, a screenprinting sale outside the art building before a football game, oppotunities abound for students to work with the community.