Jim Toub and Ila Prouty at workshop Gary Nemcosky enjoys a cupcake Josh White pushes Mark Nystrom in soap box derby car at STEAM Expo Vicky Grube
We won’t bite, but Gary might!

Gary will bite a sandwich, not you. In case you were wondering, his favorite is a reuben and Gary is a lovable guy. In time, you may come to know the sandwich preferences of the rest of our faculty and staff. Maybe one day, you’ll know who likes a sandwich with crunchy farm bread, sharp cheddar, grilled asparagus and spicy mustard or whose favorite will always be peanut butter and jelly. Our department chair’s favorite is tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella on Italian bread. Go figure.

Food preferences aside, we have other preferences, too. We all love living and working in the mountains of North Carolina and we love the sense of promise that comes as a semester starts, the feeling of accomplishment as it ends, and the pride we feel as our students walk across the stage at commencement.