Art student turns self into hamster


For his final project in his Time-Based Media course, BFA Studio Art major Peter Hamilton turned himself into a hamster. While the transfiguration only lasted about ten minutes, he was able to live the life of a cute, furry creature and elicit some “Awww’s” from his classmates and for them to name him Pippin. After a brief sprint on his wheel, he burrowed into his bedding feeling sleepy (it was midday) and almost fell asleep before changing back into a human.

His instructor, Assistant Professor of Sculpture Travis Donovan, was amazed that Hamilton was able to pull this off. “In the history of time-based art, nobody has every done this before. This is truly an historic event and I’m so glad I was able to see it. Peter worked so hard on this and all it took was an Arduino and a simple circuit. We had to power the thing with an old flux capacitor though, but if we’re able to get a new one, the transformation should last longer.”

Hamilton will graduate this spring and has plans to attend graduate school to further his studies. ”I had a hamster as kid and always wondered what it would be like to be one. My change wasn’t for very long, but I realized that I need more sleep and exercise in my life thanks to this. Imagine what I’ll learn with other species!”