Dysfnctn: BFA Senior Studio Spring 2019 Exhibition opens March 29

Dysfnctn Promo Artwork

Drawing by William Graham

Please join us to celebrate Dysfnctn, the BFA Senior Studio Spring 2019 exhibitions. 

Exhibition 1

Showing : March 29th – April 14th

Reception : March 29th, 5PM – 7PM

Featuring: Aly Adams, Victoria Baldowski, William Graham, Miles Morrow, Adrian Maldonado, Eleanor Palmer, Christine Perry, Rafael Rodriguez, Sabrina Wartenbee

Exhibition 2

Showing : April 19th – May 12th

Reception : May 10th, 5PM – 7PM

Featuring: Becca Cannon, Landon Cornett, Lauren Collins, Haleigh Cunningham, Cherokee Ducker, Calvin Lenham, Ruth Shankle, Sarah Madden, Sidney Watts

Satellite Exhibitions

A Glitch In The System | Looking Glass

Showing : April 19th – May 12th

Reception : May 10th, 6PM – 8PM

Featuring: Sarah Madden

( D ) E V O L V E | HOW Space

Showing : May 10th, 9AM – 8PM

Reception : May 10th, 6PM – 8PM

Featuring: Lauren Collins


The Smith Gallery is located at 733 Rivers Street Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts, Boone art.appstate.edu/cjs | 828.262.7338