Matt Alexander (GD ’14) makes for a living

Matt Alexander and crew on the set in Colorado

On set for Pearl iZUMi in Fruita, Colorado

I work as an Art Director at an ad agency in Boulder, CO. 

I’ve described my job to my wife many times. And she’s proud. But I’m still not sure she has a clear idea of what exactly I do. 

To be fair, I didn’t know what an Art Director did either when I started as an intern at a shop in Denver where I made… well, intern work. Not much of note. But I made connections, friends, a better portfolio. Even fifty dollars, which was awesome at the time.

Eventually I got to make things that made it out into the real world. Social posts about mozza sticks. Web banners about mozza sticks. And sometimes, entire billboards dedicated to delicious, golden-brown mozza sticks. TGI Fridays was a demanding client. And really fun. 

As I gained more experience, I started making things I never thought I would. A million-dollar commercial filmed in a warehouse in Prague. Pitch decks helping earn the business of the most disruptive ride-sharing company out there. A global campaign that was translated into a bunch of languages I don’t even understand. Branding for an up and coming whiskey company. I’ve had the chance to make cool things, stupid things, things so stupid they’re cool. 

Being an Art Director has been a lot of work. I’ve worked long hours. I have to do so many different jobs. Know all of the programs, the trends, the commercial photographers and directors and directors of photography. I make so many things, most of which are dead long before they make it out the door. And it’s amazing. 

So what you—or my wife should she be reading this—should take away from this is that I get to make things all day long. It’s what I love to do.

Matt Alexander,  Associate Creative Director - Art Director Made