Virtual.drupa 2021–Bridging Education, Research, and Industry in Graphic Communications

Before the pandemic, drupa, the world’s largest graphics media trade show occurred every four years in Düsseldorf, Germany. When the pandemic is over, drupa will continue its legendary run at the Messe Düsseldorf. Originally scheduled for June 2020 this event will be available online as virtual.drupa 2021: Bridging Education, Research, and Industry in Graphic Communications—open to anyone at no cost. This event is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 and will conclude on Friday, April 23.

Since 1951, drupa continues to attract visitors and buyers to its massive display of innovation. More than 1,837 exhibitors based in 54 countries were involved with drupa 2016.

The excitement that occurs every four years in Düsseldorf as vendors introduce new improvements to print and cross media technology will occur virtually. From April 20-23, 2021, the global print and packaging sector will meet at virtual.drupa, promoting knowledge transfer and networking and activating business with its three pillars "Conference Area," "Networking Plaza" and "Exhibition Space." Live web sessions and videos will complement the event, offering more in-depth information and the opportunity to obtain additional details about the products and offers. All live web sessions will be available on demand 24/7 in a video library after the event.

Teaser Video

The International Circle of Educational Institutes of Graphic-Media Technologies and Management and iarigai (The International Association of Research Organizations for the Information Media and Graphic Arts) have joined forces to organize an event during the virtual.drupa 2021 fair. Watch a teaser video providing some information about the program. The virtual conference features five eminent event speakers: Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus of Rochester Institute of Technology; Beatrice Klose, Secretary General of Integraf; John Craft, Professor of Graphic Communications Management, Appalachian State University, President-Elect for the Graphic Communications Education Association; and Jan De Roeck, Director of Marketing, Industry Relations & Strategy, Esko, will be an integral part of the official virtual.drupa 2021 program. The conference theme will focus on the interaction between technology, education and research and should be of interest to every member. Registration is via this link 

After the technical presentations, Anastasios Politis will introduce the venue and the program of the next annual conference, which will take place in Athens (Greece), 19-24 September 2021. Greek students and faculty excel in meticulously organizing their conferences and this edition will be no exception to that rule. Anyway, the wonderful city of Athens with its spectacular views and ancient architecture and culture merits some consideration and – unquestionably - your enthusiasm.

Also included in the program is a booth named “World Print Campus”, where under the lead of the HdM (Stuttgart Media University) all partner universities specialized in print media could present themselves to the print media community and their future (exchange) students. Now on with the virtual show!

by John R. Craft, Professor
Graphic Communications Management
Appalachian State University