Volunteering at TypeCon inspires graphic design students

Graphic Design students volunteering at TypeCon

TypeCon 2018 was held in Portland, Oregon and I was one of five graphic design students who were able to attend. Through TypeCon’s volunteer program, we were granted access to the conference for free. This was an excellent opportunity for us to attend talks, participate in events, and meet influential people in the typography world. We volunteered in the gallery, at the registration desk, and market. We were given real life experience in setting up and running a gallery, and practicing our professionalism when registering, assisting, and guiding guests.

As a student volunteer, I was able to sit in on many very exceptional talks. As a senior still deciding on my career path, it was incredible seeing so many passionate, successful, and true-to-themselves designers. I was able to talk to many professionals in the field, as well as some who had just started their careers. Hearing other’s stories and seeing what they have accomplished was informative and gave me lots of food for thought as I move into my own career. The biggest impact this trip had on me was I walked away inspired, the perfect boost I needed to finish out my senior year strong.

Picture above, from left to right: Zack Strain, Alex Schroeder, Emily Neeley and Shae Jones

~ by Alex Schroeder