Zaria Gray (GCM, 2024) Wins Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WiT) Scholarship

Zaria Gray

Zaria Gray at the WiT Wonder Women Award Show

In a significant achievement, Zaria Gray, a standout student from Appalachian State University, has been awarded the prestigious Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WiT) Scholarship. This accolade not only recognizes Zaria's academic prowess but also highlights her commitment to breaking barriers and making a mark in the world of toys, licensing, and entertainment.

Zaria's journey studying Graphic Communication Management at Appalachian State University has been marked by her academic excellence and her active involvement in various extracurricular activities. As a student who demonstrates a keen interest in the intersection of creativity and business, Zaria has set herself apart as a leader in her field of study.

The Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment organization is dedicated to fostering diversity and empowerment in the industries it represents. Zaria's recognition with this scholarship underscores the organization's commitment to supporting young talent, especially women, in breaking through traditional industry barriers.

Zaria Gray with Clifford the Big Red Dog

GCM student, Zaria Gray with Clifford the Big Red Dog

The scholarship not only provides financial support to Zaria but also opens up opportunities for mentorship, networking, and exposure to industry leaders. Zaria Gray's success story is not just an individual triumph but a celebration of the potential that lies within the next generation of professionals in design, business, licensing, and entertainment.

The Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WiT) Scholarship is a shining example of an initiative that recognizes and supports the talents of women in these dynamic industries. For those interested in learn more about the scholarship opportunity, and how to apply visit: WiT Foundation Scholarship Program

Gabrielle Riddle