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  • Art Education students are advised to take the Foundations classes as well as the Survey of Art History classes early in their programs.
  • It is suggested that students take a schedule with one Art Education course every semester, two studio courses every semester and one Art History course every semester.
  • Group advising sessions are held each semester prior to registration. Students are encouraged to seek individual advising from their advisor at any time.
  • You must maintain an overall 2.70 GPA to graduate and receive a teaching license.
  • Advising information for all Art majors is on the department’s Advising page.

Advising Resources


A portfolio review is required for admission into the Art Education program. Art Education Candidacy Portfolio Review is held February and October. To be eligible for the review, students must complete Art 2222 Introduction to Art Education and submit an application two weeks prior to the review month.

Further details about the review can be found on the Portfolio Review page.


Art Education majors must complete a total of 127 credit hours to finish their degree, including the following requirements:

  • All university required/general education courses
  • 18 credit hours at Appalachian State University
  • 12 credit hours of art foundations courses
  • 12 credit hours of art history courses
  • 12 credit hours of Art Education couses (including a 3 credit hour junior Writing in the Discipline (WID) course)
  • 30 credit hours of Art electives
  • 24 credit hours of Professional Education courses (including 12 credit hours of Student Teaching for the Senior Capstone experience)
  • 2 credit hours of free electives outside the major

Art Education Coursework

Art Electives

Five or more must be taken over the 2000 level (over 2001), please check the program of study for courses that count in degreeworks. You will need to speak your advisor if you want to take an elective that is not listed.


While we want you to take a wide range of studios, we also encourage you to declare a concentration in one studio area (painting, clay, etc.). For that reason, we ask you to take three classes in this area. You should take 3000-4000 level classes in this area, if possible.

Summer Courses

Art education methods courses (ART 2222, ART 2444, ART 3936, ART 2420) are not offered in the summer but required coursework in education, studio and art history are always offered.


Reich College of Education

Art Education majors complete professional education coursework that leads to K-12 Art teaching certification. Majors must be accepted to the Reich College of Education(RCOE) before their junior year in order to be eligible for required courses. For example, students must be admitted to the RCOE in order to take SPE 3300, CI 3400, and CI 4900 (student teaching, capstone). In order to apply to formally enter teacher education program, you must meet all of the pre-requisites listed below:

  • A Criminal Background Check (CBC) completed within 6 months of your application
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • 45 earned semester hours or more
  • A C or better in ENG/RC 1000, FDN 2400, & CI 2300
  • No grades of Incomplete
  • Finally, students must meet or exceed qualifying scores on all three tests in the Praxis Core. You are exempt from the Praxis Core tests if either
  1.  1) A qualifying score on the SAT or ACT math test will exempt you from the Praxis Core test in math; 
  2. 2) A qualifying score on the SAT verbal or ACT English test will exempt you from both the Praxis core tests in reading and writing; or 
  3. 3) A combined SAT score of 1100 or a composite ACT score of 24 will exempt you from all three Praxis Core tests.

SAT Qualifying Scores

  • Math: 550
  • Reading/Verbal: 550
  • Combined: 1100

ACT Qualifying Scores

  • Math: 24
  • English: 24
  • Composite: 24

Praxis Core Qualifying Scores

  • Math: 150
  • Reading: 156
  • Writing: 162
  • Combined: 468

Student Teaching

Student teaching is a 15 week experience, worth 12 credit hours. You will not take other classes or work outside of school during this semester, so please plan ahead. Informational sessions must be attended the semester before you plan to student teach.

See the link below for updated information on student teaching (important dates, prerequisites, link to apply, international student teaching, etc.) 

Praxis II, Art

Our best advice is to take the Praxis II test towards the end of the semester before student teaching. Take the test while content is fresh—we all know how hard it is to get away from it and come back to it. When you register you will get access to practice tests—take them! Also, this book will help you study (kind of like a dictionary for artists): 

NC Praxis Requirements


If you will be student teaching in Spring 2018 or later, then you will be required to complete an edTPA portfolio during your student teaching semester. This requirement is mandated by the State Board of Education. For more information, see