Study Abroad

Internationalize your education

In an increasingly globalized world, international study is rapidly becoming a vital dimension to undergraduate education. The Art Department is a strong advocate for study abroad and every effort is made to facilitate students having successful international educational experiences.

Every year, a growing number of Art Department students take advantage of an ever expanding range of opportunities at ASU for international study. These opportunities include short term summer programs, international internships, student teaching, and semester or year long exchanges with colleges and universities from around the world.

Short Term Trips

In recent years the Art Department has offered short term (two to four week) international programs to China, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Costa Rica, Italy and England, among other places. Students usually get 3 to 6 hours of Art Department course credit in studio areas such as drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, photography and graphic design as well as in more scholarly disciplines such as art history and art education.

Art education students have occasionally fulfilled their student teaching requirements by teaching in K-12 classrooms in Scotland and Italy, among other places.

Art history students have received credit for course work in specialized topics such as Contemporary Chinese Art, the Art of Fin de Siecle Vienna, the Florentine Renaissance, and modern architecture in Paris, France, among many others.

Long Term Trips

A number of students have spent a semester or year abroad studying in such places as the Lorenzo De Medici Institute in Florence, Italy, the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, Sunderland University, Great Britain and La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, among many others.

Faculty Experiences

In addition, the Art Department faculty have extensive international experiences that are central to their studio practice or scholarly research and are integral to the teaching they practice on a daily basis. Art faculty have had Fulbright Fellowships to such places as Turkey and Triblesi, Georgia while others have received grants to teach or conduct research in places such as China, Korea, the Netherlands, France, Nigeria, India, Costa Rica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, Cuba and Ethiopia, among many other places. Most recently, Tricia Treacy, one of our Graphic Design faculty, received the prestigious Prix de Rome which allowed her to live and work in Rome, Italy for six months.


Students wishing to study abroad must go to the Office of International Education and Development (OIED) to begin the application process. Please consult the OIED website, for detailed information about the study abroad application process.

As a part of the application process, students must get pre-approval for the courses they wish to take while studying abroad using this form. Students must cite all the courses they propose taking overseas on the International Education and Development pre-approval form. They must get this form signed the Chair or Assistant Chair of the Art Department. Description of courses (and syllabi, if available) for which a student seeks transfer credit should be submitted before receiving pre-approval for courses taken abroad.


Upon the student's return to ASU, transcripts documenting successful completion of the course/s must be submitted to the International Study Abroad Office. Art majors must receive a C or better for course work to be used toward their major. Studio Art, Art History, Commercial Photography and GAIT minors and those taking art electives must receive a passing grade for course work taken overseas in order for it to count towards their minor.  

I feel that all of our Amsterdam studio visits and discussions with designers, publishers, and artists will keep me inspired to continue refining my own personal practice and keep in mind that as an artist I am part of a global community and there are opportunities all over the world.

David Vertrees, Studio Art Student

Ceramic Tile and Visual Journaling


Printmaking / Graphic Design

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Scottish Landscape and Memory Through Photography

Scotland, United Kingdom